Taking Care of Your Soul


Buckle Up!

Several of you have asked where I have been driving on my Sunday Drive recently. Well, my physical Sunday Drive is much closer now as Melinda and I moved nearer to the Brentwood Campus about a month ago.  With the holidays and move I parked the truck for a while on writing the Sunday Drive Communication article. This week the engine turned over and I am back in the driver’s seat again with my weekly Sunday Drive article.

A couple of things are on my mind this week.

First, thanks for your attendance and participation at the annual LIFE Group Leadership Gathering. This was a great time of vision casting and worship. As outlined at the meeting, God has some big things in store for us this year with MTI, New Curriculum Series, Storytelling Emphasis, Neighboring Initiative, and expansion of the JourneyOn Network. I can’t wait to hear stories of how God is using you to advance His kingdom in these areas of focus.

Next, soul care of our staff and leadership remain paramount on my heart and agenda. This week I spoke to the annual meeting of Children’s Ministers from around the country about their personal soul care. I shared a dozen thoughts with them that I want to share with you.

1. Start every day by telling Jesus that you love him; and remember that He loves you.

2. Value and protect a time to take care of your soul.

3. Practice the spiritual disciplines as a means to develop habits leading to Christlikeness.

4. Live your life as an apprentice of Jesus. (Walk in the dust of the Rabbi)

5. Remember that your Spiritual Formation takes place in three domains…stay balanced. (Knowing, Being, Doing)

6. Join (or create) a Community of Grace and Trust.

7. Engage regularly with a Spiritual Friend, Mentor, Coach or Spiritual Director.

8. Discover your spiritual pathway…and move in it. (Knowledge, Relational, Serving, Worship, Contemplative, Activist, Natural/Nature/Artistic)

9. Be where you are.

10. Know your yes…and spend most of your time there.

11. Intentionally determine the legacy you want to leave for those you love and model it on a daily basis.

12. Reflect on how quickly your tomorrows will become your yesterdays and seize the day.

On journey toward Him,