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Imitators of Christ

Walking by a dark restaurant in a nearby town I noticed a sign in the window, “Out of Business because we didn’t know what business we were in.” Pausing for a moment I wondered, how could they not know what business they were in? There was a sign above the door that clearly stated this was a restaurant. There were tables, chairs, menus, and a kitchen just on the other side of the window. Pondering a moment longer, I speculated...

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As We Go

Buckle Up! This week I was in a meeting concerning weather closings. At the meeting one of the participants asked “If this was the first incident of the year would we do anything different”? The question on my mind was “what have we learned through this process that is making us better at making these decisions”? Later that afternoon the Spirit reminded me that the question should be asked about our spiritual life also. “What have we learned through this...

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Effective Teaching

This week I have found myself in several discussions focusing on effective teaching. These conversations drove me back to a work by William R. Yount entitled Called to Teach: An Introduction to the Ministry of Teaching. This work focuses on (1) The teacher as Dynamic Synergist (2) The Teacher as Instructor (3) The Teacher as Educational Manager and (4) The Teacher as “Minister”. In this work Dr. Yount points out that there are three systems of learning. He calls these...

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