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I admit it—I enjoy cooking. Before following God’s call to vocational ministry, I worked for a successful Burger King franchise in Birmingham, Alabama. Working as a fast food manager requires extensive product knowledge and efficiency in working every station in the restaurant. Believe it or not, when Burger King first entered the breakfast business, biscuits were homemade with flour, sugar, salt, yeast, butter, milk, sifting, kneading, rolling, and baking. It was with terror that I approached the biscuit station for...

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Crisis and Celebration

Lost. Just saying the word brings crisis. My mind immediately races back in time and remembers the trauma of losing my teaching Bible. Yes, the one with years of notes and well-scripted outlines. This Bible was given to me when I accepted the call into full-time ministry and had become a trusted teacher, friend, and ministry partner. For months, I searched my office, home, car, and the rooms where I taught. I literally searched the same spaces again and again...

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The week I ran across an interesting book entitled Change or Die: Three Keys to Change at Work and in Life by Alan Deutschman. The book examined case studies of Heart Patients, Criminals ad Workers with research supporting that fact that less than 10 percent of people actually change even when faced with a change or die situation. Deutschman discovered that facts, fear, or force did not bring change in people’s lives; but hope and a relational support system did. 

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