As We Go

Buckle Up!

This week I was in a meeting concerning weather closings. At the meeting one of the participants asked “If this was the first incident of the year would we do anything different”? The question on my mind was “what have we learned through this process that is making us better at making these decisions”?

Later that afternoon the Spirit reminded me that the question should be asked about our spiritual life also. “What have we learned through this process that is making us better”?

The next hour or so was spent thinking about the discipleship process. As we move toward Christlikeness I believe we should be gaining knowledge, changing our attitudes, increasing our skills and developing habits that help us do the things that Jesus would do and say the things that Jesus would say.

Lately I have been burdened that many of those we love and lead may not be actually moving toward the Christ-centered life. That at best they are marking time.

I wonder that if the personality and deeds of Jesus naturally flowed out of them would we not hear more stories of transformation. Would we not see more adults baptized? Would LIFE Groups not naturally start in our homes and communities? Would we have to teach evangelism or would the fire burn in our bones so hot that we could not keep it in?

Discipleship really begins with “as we go we tell others what we know about Jesus and what He is doing in our personal lives”. That’s how it was in the New Testament Church. That’s also how it was when we were taking our first steps in following Jesus. Prayerfully we will learn as we go and become more like Jesus every day.

On journey toward Him,