Imitators of Christ

Walking by a dark restaurant in a nearby town I noticed a sign in the window, “Out of Business because we didn’t know what business we were in.” Pausing for a moment I wondered, how could they not know what business they were in? There was a sign above the door that clearly stated this was a restaurant. There were tables, chairs, menus, and a kitchen just on the other side of the window. Pondering a moment longer, I speculated that when this business began they knew what business they were in, but somewhere along the way they had lost their excitement, intentionality, and perhaps their love for serving others delicious meals. Walking away, I thought of all of the other businesses that are now closed; then I thought about churches and Christ-followers that have they lost sight of the business they are in.

Remember, the journey is the destination, and our destination is to be more like Jesus every day.