Real Faith Lives in a Real World

Buckle Up!

I was reading today on social media where one of our church leaders was sitting by the fire at home with no heat. After a call to check on them my mind raced back to the Alabama blizzard of 1993. We were living in Alexander City, Alabama. Kristen was in elementary and the boys were yet to start preschool. In the midst of the blizzard our family was at home with no power, no heat, no water and little food. I did what I could to keep everyone warm and safe for several days after which we decided to take a chance and head for my office at church. There the power was on and for several more days we “hung out in my office” waiting on the ice to melt and the power to be turned back on.

The drive to the church was treacherous. I remember the great sense of responsibility I felt to take care of my wife and children. I wondered what the church family would think if they knew that we were just hanging out in the church office. After a long week we were able to return home and reflect on what we had been through.

The children remember bologna sandwiches and playing in my office. I remember wondering why no one checked on us since there were so many homes along the way that had power. I wondered why my pride kept me from stopping at a neighbor’s home and asking for help for my family and me.

The freeze and inclement weather this week has placed many in our community in similar situations. It is times like these that provide opportunities for Christ to shine through us. Here we become the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need. Here people discover that Christ followers are “for real”, genuine and sincere. Here people in need find people who care and love them as Jesus loves them.

It really is not that hard. Look out the window to see if those around you are in need. Pick up the phone and call or text your friends and those in your group to make sure that they are safe and ok. Send employees home before the traffic jams and the roads become dangerous. And pray the safety of those you love and those you lead.

Real faith lives in a real world. This is where the words and deeds of Jesus naturally flow out of us where we live, work and play. Let’s make sure this is more than a vision statement, but a reality in our journey to be more like Jesus.

On journey toward Him,