Right Now Media

Buckle Up!

With the inclement weather last week it stands to reason that some of you may have missed the email or announcement concerning RIGHT NOW MEDIA. This drive is dedicated to helping you understand our goal in sharing this resource with you and our church family.

As you know the JourneyOn Discipleship strategy embraces five ways to move toward Christlikeness. These include (1) LIFE Groups (2) Focus Studies (3) Self-Guided Resources (4) e-learning and (5) Mentor Relationships. Several months ago Brentwood Baptist Church engaged in a relationship with Right Now Media to provide free access to an online library of over 8,000 self-guided video resources to members of our church family. These resources include Bible studies, leadership videos and children’s shows that you can stream instantly anytime on any device. Our membership can sign up for Right Now Media at www.brentwoodbaptist.com/rightnow.

From my seat Right Now Media is a wonderful opportunity to accelerate personal spiritual growth as well as the self-guided path of JourneyOn. I can see individuals and families watching these videos, reading books and engaging in conversation about topics that lead toward the Christ centered life. I see children watching videos that teach biblical knowledge and build Christian character. I envision our membership engaging with this resource wherever they are…literally where they live, work and play.

Currently we are promoting Right Now as a self-guided resource. What that means to you as a leader is that we want to allow our membership a few months to engage and utilize the resource organically. Research has proven that churches that use Right Now in this method are the most effective in long term buy in and utilization of the resource.

Before we decided to roll out Right Now we engaged in discussion as to how best to posture the resource for maximum effectiveness. We knew that once our LIFE Group leaders saw the resource they would want us vet and to allow usage in both on and off campus LIFE Groups. With that mindset we did the hard work on the front end and decided that our current curriculum strategy is effective.

Yes, Right Now Media could be vetted in the future for LIFE Group use. At this time we don’t think it is the best utilization of the resource or strategy. Our thinking may change after we have allowed the resource some time to roll out organically and see how it is being utilized by our church family.

I am really excited about the potential of this resource to impact people’s spiritual growth. Take a few moments this week to not only sign up for Right Now media, but explore the resources provided. Be sure to share the opportunity with your group and encourage them to use the resource. Know that our heartfelt desire and intention is to move people toward a Christ-centered life, and I believe Right Now is a wonderful resource to help them take a next step.

On journey toward Him,