Take 5 Discipleship Survey: A Brief Summary of Responses

During the month of February Brentwood Baptist executed its first Take 5 Discipleship Survey. Following is a brief summary of the responses.

1152 People participated in the survey. Of that number 3% describe themselves as Exploring Christ, 22% as Growing in Christ, 58% as Close to Christ and 17% as Christ-Centered.

When looking at Disciplines, Habits and Practices…54% stated they read the Bible regularly, 82% stated that they pray regularly, 17% memorize and meditate on Scripture regularly, 68% confess sin and receive God’s forgiveness regularly, 33% talk to others about their personal spiritual journey regularly, 43% spend time in service to others, 35% spend time in service with others, 74% participate in corporate worship regularly, 41% participate in a BBC sponsored LIFE Group regularly, and 27% participate in a Bible Study other than a BBC sponsored LIFE Group regularly.

When looking at Mentor Relationships 72% have a Spiritual Friend, 31% have a Spiritual Mentor, 17% have a Spiritual Coach and 17% have a Spiritual Director. 25% of responses indicated a desire for a Spiritual Mentor, Coach or Director.

87% of participants like the person they are becoming. 82% believe their habits are moving them toward Christlikeness. 92% believe their experiences are moving them toward Christlikeness. 88% believe their relationships are moving them toward Christlikeness. 84% believe their church is moving them toward Christlikeness. 4% indicate that they have no idea what it means to move toward Christlikeness.