Take 5

One of the big questions among Discipleship Ministers is “how do we measure Spiritual Growth”. Others would ask, “should we measure spiritual growth”. All agree that God expects His children to grow spiritually and that His Word encourages personal examination as an element of growth.

Beginning Sunday February 3 and ending Sunday February 17, Brentwood Baptist Church members and attenders will be encouraged to participate in an annual Take 5 Discipleship Survey. The premise is simple, complete five questions in five minutes.

These questions will assist individuals in self-assessment and help them determine where they are on their journey toward Christlikeness. They will also provide valuable information as to how our church family members see themselves in relationship to spiritual growth and practices, establish strategic baselines, provide LIFE Group leaders information as to where their group is on the spiritual growth continuum and guide the strategic planning of the Discipleship Team in relationship to emphasis and focus.

In order for our leadership to view and participate in the survey before it is released to the congregation we are providing a live link with the mailing of this Sunday Drive. Since the link is live, remember that the data you enter will be included in the final survey metrics.

In addition, we are encouraging LIFE Group leaders to share the link with their groups before the survey rolls out to the entire congregation. Since the survey is already live, leaders may share the link beginning Sunday. By encouraging individual groups to take the survey we should have a higher participation rate and get a better the picture of how members of individual groups see themselves. Discipleship Ministers will then share results with LIFE Group leaders individually at the annual Spring Meeting resulting in more focused and strategic evaluation and planning.

The survey is anonymous. The only identifiers asked are “If you regularly attend a LIFE Group, please choose your group”. This is asked at the end of the survey and participants may opt out by not answering the question.

Below are two live links to the survey. If you are a members or regular attender of Brentwood Baptist, please use the first link ending in take5survey. If you are a guest at Stevelayton.com and want to view the survey, please use the link ending in discipleshipsurvey1.

May God bless our efforts as we journey with our tribes toward Christlikeness.

http://www.brentwoodbaptist.com/take5survey  (Use this link if you are a member or regular attender of Brentwood Baptist Church)

http://www.brentwoodbaptist.com/discipleshipsurvey1  (Use this link if you are a guest at Steve Layton.com and want to view the Take 5 Discipleship Survey)