Taught or Caught

Thinking back across many years of teaching I am reminded that much of what sticks with a learner is not what was “taught” standing behind the lectern or in front of a class; but what was “caught” in conversations over a cup of coffee or modeled for others to observe. I have often said “the best teaching is caught, not taught.”

 In our church families we often talk about “Doing Life Together”. Most think of this design as a way to make our big church function or feel smaller. I see it more as helping those we love, our friends; go deeper in every aspect of their journey toward Christlikeness. It is the living gospel vs. the telling gospel. It is bringing down barriers to allow real learning to take place.

 The question before us is how often do we teach by “doing life” with our learners and friends. Slow down and spend some time with those you love to teach outside of the classroom. In the long run everyone will enjoy the journey and maybe learn something new.