Too Many Pastors are Falling on Their Own Swords

A close friend shared the attached article with me today, driving me to fervent prayer for Pastors and Congregations.

The challenges pastors and church families are facing today is real.

Having loved and served pastors and congregations throughout a long career in ministry, I know first-hand the challenges pastors and church families are facing today is real. The stories of the pastors mentioned in this article are heart wrenching. Yet they are just the tip of the iceberg of the real heartbreak and challenge pastors are facing today. As stated the article, “Leading anxious congregations amidst a pandemic, a hyper-partisan culture, a civil rights movement, and an upcoming election is destroying the lives of our pastors. Literally.”

Encourage one another!

I personally know that there is power and healing through prayer, the encouragement of friends and members of ones church family!

As pastors and church family, we know in our hearts and minds that God is sovereign, that He loves us, that He is with us and that He will provide for us. But in truth and love, pastors and church members need to hear it…through spoken prayer, words of encouragement and acts of kindness from their friends and church family!

You want a dynamic pastor that loves and leads well…pray for and encourage him regularly through words and deeds.

You want a church family that is healthy, vibrant and making a difference in your family, community and in the world at large…love God with all your heart soul, mind and strength, love others as you love yourself, do unto others as you would have them do unto you and serve together in purpose and unity.

Practically, start with yourself (personal soul care and meaningful time with God)..then pray for, equip, encourage, empower (make disciples) and love each other well. Get these things right and the rest will follow.

Do what the Spirit leads you to do!

Outlined in the article are some helps for both congregants and pastors. If the Spirit speaks to your heart through these words, then read the article and do something. Simply, do what the Spirit leads you to do!

Thanks Steve for your friendship, prayers and for allowing God to use you, once again, to speak into my life in such a powerful way. You are a tremendous equipper and encourager my friend!

Joining you in prayer for pastors and congregations.

Blessings and Joy for the Journey!

Too many pastors are falling on their own swords