ASPECTS /ˈaspekts/

Canva Reading a Bible and Having Coffee

Aspect – “a specific way in which something can be considered”.

I am often asked, Pastor, can you help me with a process to “make disciples” with Jesus. The simple answer is yes…but is it really that simple?

Because of the uniqueness of disciples and disciple makers, there are many well-worn paths in helping others grow in Christ and move toward Christlikeness. At some point, all of these include time in God’s Word and Prayer…so I recommend Disciple Makers begin there. 

My Disciple Making Process

Personally, I begin a disciple making process with another by reading one of the Gospel’s together. In my humble opinion, it does not matter which one as all have much to say to both a Disciple and Disciple Maker. I have friends who insist on reading Mark, I often start with the Gospel of John. My recommendation is to simply follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and know that you can’t mess up the selection of a Gospel to read together. 

Once you have selected the Gospel you plan to read, simply read one chapter per week. I ask those I am discipling to read the chapter several times throughout the week in preparation for our weekly conversation.

This conversation is often held over a meal or coffee. Generally, we meet face to face, by Zoom or FaceTime and occasionally by phone. The conversation is guided by the ASPECTS Scripture Reflection and Disciple Making Guide. (attached) I created this guide several months ago building upon proven disciple making resources.

A Typical Week

A typical week would look like….

1. Both of us read the same chapter from the same Gospel, usually several times throughout the week.

2. We engage in a conversation using the following model. A. We Start with a check in…how are you doing? B. The leader prays for our time together. C. We read the chapter together. D. We talk through the ASPECTS Talk Sheet. 

3. Finally, we each pray using a simple three step model of Upward, Inward and Outward Prayer. (Upward Prayer | Praise and Thanksgiving, Inward Prayer | Confession and Petition and Outward Prayer | Intercession

4. Following prayer we confirm our next reading assignment and meeting time.

After sharing this process, I am often asked, “Is it really that easy to make disciples with Jesus”, to which I reply, “Yes, the Holy Spirit does the heavy lifting in disciple making”. Our primary role as a disciple maker is personal spiritual formation and modeling Christlikeness in our words and deeds. As we become mature disciples of Jesus, it is easier for us to make mature disciples with Jesus.