Do You Trust Me?


Times of crisis cause pain and force us to examine what we sincerely believe about God. Ancient writers knew this as “dark night (of the soul),” a term commonly used in Christianity for a spiritual crisis in ones journey toward God.

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Mistaken Identity

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“Most Christians live out of their ‘mistaken identity,’ not out of who God says they are. When Christians see themselves as ‘sinners saved by grace,’ they have no choice but to live life as sinners, strenuously striving to become saints. Naturally, this effort leads to failure because we’re not in charge of our sainthood. Out sainthood has already been accomplished by our loving Savior, Jesus Christ. Therefore, when Christians are able to see themselves as ‘saints who sin,’ as Christ-in-me creatures, as clothed with robes of righteousness, they have the only basis to grow up in what is already true of them. God says we are righteous, and this becomes the context of the condition that allows Christ to dwell in us.

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