Three Keys to Change


The week I ran across an interesting book entitled Change or Die: Three Keys to Change at Work and in Life by Alan Deutschman. The book examined case studies of Heart Patients, Criminals and Workers with research supporting that fact that “less than 10 percent of people actually change even when faced with a change or die situation”. Deutschman discovered that facts, fear, or force did not bring change in people’s lives; but hope and a relational support system did. 

Hope, Relationships and Jesus

In thinking about disciple making, groups, leadership and life change…I often wonder how many disciple makers and church leaders are relying on facts, fear or force to change lives when they hold the life giving keys to change; hope, relationships and Jesus!

Honest Questions

Think about it for a moment. Do my words and deeds model a living hope to those I love and lead? Am I proclaiming “doing life together”, yet modeling “doing life alone”? Do my conversations and groups provide “safe places” for people to be real, relational and transparent? Does faith, hope and love guide my journey toward a Christ centered life? 

These transformational questions stand as directional markers on the side of a well worn trail…providing direction and pointing us toward our ultimate destination, Disciples of Jesus that Make Disciples with Jesus!

Joy for the journey!